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Alfred Almond Youth Baseball
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Welcome to the Alfred Almond Youth Baseball web site.  This site also includes information for the T-Ball teams. Specific age guidelines are given out at the time of registration.  By including such things as game and concession schedules, contact information, and a calendar of events, we hope the site will improve game attendance.
Big changes this year!  We have expanded into three separate divisions.  There is a Majors division for eleven and twelve year olds; a Minors division for eight, nine, and ten year olds; and a T-Ball division for five, six, and seven year olds.  As of this moment it looks like there will be three teams at the Major level; four teams at the Minor level; and three teams at the T-Ball level.
If you have a child in Little League you will be scheduled to help out in the concession stand at least one evening during the Summer.  Please check out the Concession Workers Schedule page and look for your name.  The league works best when everybody helps.
Please make sure to check out the "Commissioner's Corner" for comments and for other helpful tips and instructions.


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Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.