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Alfred Almond Youth Baseball
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Umpire Schedule
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This schedule reflects those who will be responsible for umpiring in the field.  This years official umpire behind the plate is Ben Palmer IV.

4/30  Saturday      Kameron Chambliss (2:00)
4/30  Saturday      Tyler Winans (4:00)
5/2    Monday        Eric Goodrich
5/3    Tuesday       Asa Gillette
5/4    Wednesday  Kameron Chambliss
5/5    Thursday      Jadon Norton
5/6    Friday          Kameron Chambliss
5/9    Monday       Matt Owlett
5/10  Tuesday      Jadon Norton
5/11  Wednesday Asa Gillette
5/12  Thursday     Matt Owlett
5/13  Friday         Tyler Winans
5/16  Monday       Eric Goodrich
5/17  Tuesday      Kameron Chambliss
5/18  Wednesday Jadon Norton
5/19  Thursday     Matt Owlett
5/20  Friday         Eric Goodrich
5/23  Monday       Jadon Norton
5/24  Tuesday      Asa Gillette
5/25  Wednesday Tyler Winans
5/26  Thursday     Eric Goodrich
5/27  Friday         Asa Gillette
5/31  Tuesday      Matt Owlett
6/1    Wednesday Kameron Chambliss
6/2    Thursday     Matt Owlett
6/3    Friday         to be rescheduled
6/6    Monday       Jadon Norton
6/8    Wednesday Asa Gillette
6/9    Thursday     Tyler Winans
6/10  Friday          Eric Goodrich
6/14  Tuesday      
Field Umpires
Matt Owlett - 276-6152
Kameron Chambliss - 587-8204
Eric Goodrich - 587-8370
Tyler Winans - 478-8726
Asa Gillette - 276-7636
Jadon Norton - 276-6479

Attention Field Umpires:
If you cannot make your assigned game it is your responsibility to find a replacement from the list above.  If no one is available please contact Mr. Woughter (276-5843, cell# 607 968-1200).